Xenophobes Are Sexually Frustrated

by heavilyarmedsovietspacemonkey


Last week when I was browsing and reading for a presentation about the Korean website Ilbe, which is infamous for the far-right attitudes of its community, I came across the news of one alleged Ilbe user, who staged a one-man protest in front of the Ewha Womans University in Seoul. During this “protest” the young man had put two cardboard signs round his shoulders, which were full with insults and slurs and accusations of being communists and traitors directed against Ehwa students. Needless to say that many of these insults were explicitly sexist, for example like this one: “Why do you yangbbong sluts like Western dicks so much?” (If roughly translated. The original Korean statement: “양뽕 맞아 화냥년질 서양종이 최고더냐”) Yangbbong is a derogatory term, mainly used by Ilbe users, for Korean women, which implies the accusation that they would only want to interfere with Western men (it’s a combination of the Korean words seoyang, which does mean western world, and hirobbong, which does mean methamphetamine, so I guess it can be roughly translated as being addicted to westerners or the western world, I should also add that according to one Korean friend this term isn’t exclusively used for women).

This guy seems to have some serious issues and the sexual frustration behind these sexist insults is obvious, but what actually struck me was the familiarity of the statement above. It’s actually just another version of the the-foreigners-are-stealing-our-women nonsense, which I’ve heard and read quite often from German xenophobes as well. Therefore, it appears to me that sexual frustration is a common characteristic of xenophobes around the world regardless of the differences in nationality, culture, language and history. Because, seriously, how else could you possibly explain why xenophobes in Germany and Korea would make the very same stupid and sexist statements, which communicate a feeling of being somehow cheated on a fulfilled relationship and sexuality? Their far-right sentiments offer them the possibility to direct their sexual frustration towards the two groups of people for which they don’t have much regard anyway: Women and foreigners. Pathetic.